Dr. Din believes that participating in the psychiatric well-being of you or a loved one is truly a privilege. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Din or a member of her team, please call the office at 847 842 7200

Dr. Din is available for speaking engagements upon request. She has been an invited speaker on the topics of youth suicide, mood disorders, anxiety and eating disorders for a wide variety of audiences including professionals, clinicians, educators, academic administrators, students, parents and communities. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Din by filling out the form on this page.


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If you plan on meeting with Dr. Din for an initial visit, the following information may help you to feel more prepared and comfortable: 

  • An initial appointment is approximately two hours long, and is focused on gathering information.
  • Dr. Din prefers to interview your child or adolescent first, and then meet with parents. If the entirety of the time block is required by your child, parents will be encouraged to schedule a different time.
  • For a productive meeting, you are encouraged to please bring copies of the following with you:

    1. Your child's last physical exam
    2. Contact information for other physicians involved in your child's care
    3. Prior psychological or academic testing
    4. Lab reports including blood work, EKG, EEG
    5. A list of all medications prescribed in the past
    6. School report cards and communications outlining concerns
    7. Custody documentation in case of divorced parents
    8. Any other documentation that you believe is pertinent